LABAL is an IT service company.

As such, LABAL is a competent consulting company in the field of process development and optimization, as well as a provider of individual services and IT-services, which will assist you with the realization of your projects.


Our employees have comprehensive know-how and years of experience in the management and implementation of a wide variety of EDI projects. This competent expert knowledge as well as our human and technical resources ensures that LABAL can always offer you optimal solutions for your requirements and problems in the field of electronic data exchange.



Find out more about some of our specialists here:

Alois Labermeyer
Alois Labermeyer
CEO/Chief Consultant
  • Since 1999 working in the field of EDI

  • Various management and consulting functions in the BMW Group in the areas of EDI and logistics

  • Many years of detailed knowledge of the automotive sector

Gaetano Gentile
Gaetano Gentile
Senior Consultant
  • Since 2002 working in the field of EDI

  • Experienced EDI project manager, consultant and supporter at various service providers and customers

  • Many years of comprehensive knowledge of the automotive, retail and telecommunications sectors