Mapping development

We support you in developing or editing mappings in Axway BOM, XSLT, Liaison Contivo, Mendelson and other EDI converters.


LABAL has years of experience in developing Axway BOM, XSLT and Contivo mappings.

We are familiar with all relevant message formats (including VDA Legacy, Odette, EDIFACT, VDA Global, X12...) and business processes. Whether  call-off, orders, ASN, invoice, credit note or JIT/JIS-relevant messages, our specialists create mapping specifications, develop and test EDI mappings.

We will be happy to advise you, plan and steer your mapping project to the desired destination in a resource-saving and reliable manner.

EDI message design

New logistics interfaces require technical expertise and sound EDI know-how. We are there for you to "design" the message from an idea that meets your requirements. Whether VDA, EDIFACT, X12, XML, JSON...we know them all (well almost).

When our specialists develop a message from your requirement, they work out the content to be transported in various stages.

Often this is not yet clear at the beginning of a project. Our experts support you in highlighting aspects that have been ignored up to now and incorporate them into the development: are all relevant departments involved and have their requirements been taken into account? Has thought been given to the feasibility on the partner side? Are there standards that should be included in the considerations (e.g. VDA, EANCOM, etc.)?
We can draw on a wealth of experience in this area.

If necessary, we get involved in standardisation committees such as VDA or Odette together with the customer.

These technical requirements flow into the mapping specification, guidelines, test cases and the mapping itself. In the process, tests are carried out until they are free of errors. Emphasis is placed on developing functional and technical test scenarios in order to transfer the mapping into operation with as little maintenance as possible.

Would you like more information on how LABAL converts functional requirements into stable interfaces? Then please contact us.

Consulting and project management


We are commissioned by our customers to support them in their daily business with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. Everything from one source.

Our specialists are personally committed to the success of your project.

Whether it's an idea or a concrete project: benefit from our many years of experience. We will be happy to advise you on the design of your project and perform all necessary steps: from goal setting, planning, coordination, implementation, testing to successful go-live.

Image by Ryoji Iwata
Operations & Maintenance


We support your day-to-day EDI business, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd level support. We will handle requests, find solutions, build and implement them for you.


For us, operating an EDI solution consists of:

  • Monitoring of EDI flows

  • Setting up of existing business processes for new partners

  • Support for internal and external positions in day-to-day business.

Maintenance involves activities that go beyond the above:

  • Analysis and troubleshooting

  • designing, developing, testing new business processes and

  • transferring them into production

If you would like to know how we already support other well-known customers, please contact us!