LABAL.platform combines our tools for increasing and visualising data quality (KPIs), for onboarding new partners, and for displaying call-off changes.


With LABAL.proof you can easily validate structured data (EDIFACT, VDA, X12 etc.) against a syntax specification and predefined business rules.

You can make LABAL.proof available to your partners so that they can improve their data quality, e.g. if the ASNs do not look the way you need them to. But you can also use it to prevent test reports from your customers.

LABAL.proof is available with a convenient web frontend for quick manual checking (copy-paste). It can also be connected via EDI and API.


is the tool we use to measure data quality on the basis of KPIs and display it in a web application.

This enables freight forwarders, for example, to see whether they have sent enough GPS updates and take appropriate action in a timely manner. Or for customers to see which error patterns contribute to poor ASN quality.


facilitates the roll out of new functionalities or messages to your partners.

Where previously a team of several people was needed to inform suppliers, follow up, escalate, test and finally go live, LABAL.onboard allows you to reduce these tasks to a minimum.

You specify a timeline and we configure the tool to automate these tasks. Both you and your partner have transparency about the steps to be completed and can view the project status at any time.


visualises the changes in the rolling delivery schedules of your customers.

This enables you to continuously monitor data in such a way which allows you to recognise major changes in the preview periods and react to them at an early stage.


ScanTest+ is an app that helps you create barcodes. Simply photograph the barcode with your smartphone camera; ScanTest+ compares it to your customer's/OEM's specifications and points out any errors in content and syntax.


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