OFTP2 / ISDN Replacement

With the replacement of ISDN by Telekom Deutschland by the end of 2018, your EDI communication must be converted to an IP-based solution.


Telekom will soon be shutting down its ISDN communication networks.


Since a large part of EDI communication in the automotive industry runs via OFTP V1 and ISDN lines, all suppliers must become active and convert their communication to OFTP2 by the end of 2018.

OFTP2 is a further developed version of OFTP: extended by encryption and compression and the ability to serve multiple sessions in parallel.

Due to the transmission over the internet it can be used worldwide for the first time. It is therefore faster, cheaper and very large files can be transferred.

No matter whether you are looking for an OFTP2 solution or want to convert your partners: we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a team that will take over the communication with your partners, the testing and, if desired, also the production ramp-up on your systems.

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Global Messages

New global messages in EDIFACT format replace the old VDA messages in the automotive industry.


Starting in mid-2012, work began on the next generation of EDI formats for various business processes under the direction of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA – Verband der Automobilindustrie).


This new standard was developed in a dedicated working group (KIT - Communication and Information Technology), in which, among others, Audi, BMW, MAN, Porsche, VW, Brose, Continental and Hella are involved.


Some of the goals were:

  • Reduction of complexity, since various delivery instruction variants could be combined in one message.

  • Make process variants (e.g. JIS call-off or reordering) recognisable by appropriate coding.

  • Create more security through more detailed information (e.g. address/personal data).


In our information flyer, you will find out which Global Messages there are and what advantages they can offer you compared to other formats.
You will also find a documented example of a delivery call-off in VDA 4984 format.

Data Quality


Perfect data quality of master and transaction data forms the basis for process improvements and new digital business models.


Data quality has an impact on various areas of a company: processes are  so lean these days that manual intervention in an EDI process can lead to massive disruptions of work processes and thus financial burdens.

Have you connected partners via EDI, but are not satisfied with the data quality of their EDI messages?

We are experts and have years of experience. We know the problems from all sides and have tools at our disposal which support improvement significantly.

To find out more, take a look at our information sheet or send us your e-mail address (and your telephone number, if applicable). We will get back to you as soon as possible:

“Successful EDI project management involves much more than adhering to schedules and resources; professional planning, controlling and testing of IT requirements are essential for the successful implementation of your EDI project.”

Gaetano Gentile, Senior Consultant